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Bench & Bar 2021 - Federal Courts in the age of COVID – Adjusting to the ‘New Normal’

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Organized by DCBA's Federal Court Committee Join United States District Judges Beth Bloom, Raag Singhal, and Donald Middlebrooks, and United States Bankruptcy Judge Laurel Isicoff for a discussion of the “new normal” in a (hopefully) post-Covid era for federal courts in South Florida. The panel will address topics including the return of jury trials, the priority of criminal and civil matters as the Courts open up and cases are tried, and the continued use of remote technology for some of the Court’s work in the future. The Judges will update the audience on what has been going on in the Courts during the pandemic, how statistics, caseloads, trials, and motion practice have been affected; what plans are in place and under way to address any backlogs in Court filings; and whether the Courts plan to modify rules and procedures to adapt to the increased use of technology. The Judges will also take audience questions addressed to these topics. CLE Credits: General 1.0 Technology: 0.5 Certification Credits: Appellate Practice 1.0 Business Litigation 1.0 Criminal Appellate Law 1.0 Criminal Trial Law 1.0 Juvenile Law 1.0

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