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Bench & Bar 2021 - Practicing in County Court in a Post-COVID World

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Organized by DCBA's County Court Committee CourtMap Panelists will give an overview of CourtMap and its significance to efficiently and effectively keep cases moving forward. Panelist will discuss what types of proposed Orders should be submitted through CourtMap. E-filing and Courtesy Copy to Judge Panelists will give an overview of the e-filing system and its significance. Additionally, Panelists will discuss Judges’ preference regarding setting cases once a motion is filed and providing courtesy copies of filings to the Court. Pre-Trial Conference Hearings Panelists will discuss how Pre-Trial Hearings are conducted over Zoom. What measures Judges are taking to effectively conduct these hearings and resolve cases. Trials Panelists will discuss the current status of jury trials in County Court. This discussion will answers questions such as: What efforts have been made to resume jury trials? When will jury trials resume? How will they proceed? What are the expectations for jury trials going forward? Judges’ Expectations during Zoom Hearings Panelist will discuss issues that have been occurring during Zoom hearings. Issues will include appropriate clothing for Zoom hearings and the safety of the parties when attending a hearing over Zoom. Other Hot Topics in County Court This will be a time for the Panelists to talk about any new developments that have occurred which affect county court practice. CLE Credits: General 1.0 Certification Credits: City, County & Local Government Law 1.0

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